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Greenhabit Awareness Tool (intro)

Based on the answers you entered, we created a spider web that you’re going to see on the next tab. This is broken down into energy, physical health, feeling happy, positivity, social and work-life balance. This spider web gives you an overview of your lifestyle and health. Again, there is no right or wrong, but the intention is that this overview offers you insight. It can provide insight into balance, but also into imbalance in your current lifestyle and health.

Goals are described for all elements that could help to create balance. We have selected the possible appropriate goals based on the elements you could work on to create more balance. This is with the exception of energy. Although energy is very important for lifestyle and health, energy is seen as an outcome and not a cause of an imbalance. For example, you feel exhausted by a certain diet or way of thinking. An imbalance in energy always has a cause, namely an imbalance in one of the other elements. When you experience an imbalance in energy, this will be solved by working on one of the other elements where there is an imbalance.

With each goal you see a short story about how someone else has been helped with a certain imbalance. Maybe you recognize one of the stories, or it helps to understand how a certain goal could help with a certain imbalance. Of course, this does not mean that this is the only situation when you can choose a particular goal, but it serves as a tool. We especially want to challenge you to look at yourself.

Take the time to look at your spider web, read the stories and dare to look at yourself. Based on that, you can choose goals that suit you. This is how you start your Greenhabit journey with a goal that suits you!