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Working on your health has never been so much fun! With a game, a pack with book and rewards you go on an adventure for twelve weeks. Every day is a surprise what appears on your timeline, sometimes a challenge, sometimes a message or measurement. The rewards provide extra motivation, not to mention your buddy with whom you do it together.

In a playful way you learn about health and you are challenged so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Together with Grendel Games we have developed this super cool game to help as many people as possible live healthier lives. You can order the training via this site or your employer

All programs are available in Dutch, English, Spanish and German. There are also patient programs, such as: Overcoming Diabetes Type 2, Self-management after a heart event, Greenhabit for COPD.

The reflection model

By reflecting on the 5 elements every day, you will experience for yourself where extra attention is needed. This self-reflection creates self-awareness and gives you the ability to understand and control your own emotions and behavior.

Boost your mental resilience

Resilience is key to positive health and well-being. Resilient people cope well with changes, stressful events, setbacks and challenges.