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How does it work?

Download the App

Greenhabit works through an App on your phone (or tablet) in conjunction with a Greenhabit training package. For this, you need login credentials. You can receive these through your employer or after ordering Greenhabit through this link: order
Greenhabit you can do together with a self-selected buddy, (partner-sister-friend). Your buddy also goes through the entire program with self-selected goals.
All Greenhabit courses start on a Monday.

  • Greenhabit always lasts 12 weeks (after that you can go to the ForLife program)
  • Suitable for anyone with intrinsic motivation
  • From 17 to 85 years of age

Choose the program that suits you

All programs last 12 weeks, based on the minimum time it takes your brain to learn new habits. In addition to Greenhabit standard, there are specific programs (yellow) developed and patient programs (blue) available. To learn more, choose the program below. Too busy to participate? Then participating is just right. In less than 15 minutes a day, you will experience more peace and energy.

Micro targets
Greenhabit helps you set micro goals every week. This way you can work on your main goals in small steps. Small successes give a positive feeling.
Small short lessons about topics that positively influence your health.
Little nudges to make the right choices.
The game invites you to do challenges. This ranges from physical to social challenges. There are also team challenges.
In Greenhabit you are rewarded with points and medals. After completing a level, you may unwrap a reward from the pack.


Frequently asked questions about Greenhabit. (For technical questions go to the link at the bottom of the page)

You need licensing information to attend a Greehabit program/training. You will receive these immediately after ordering from Greenhabit. Go to the order button in the website.

Yes you can, go to order and choose buy consumer license here. (

Unfortunately, Greenhabit is not yet reimbursed by insurance companies.

This can be done either through your doctor, or through the DA drugstore, for example.

Is your question not included?

Ask your question by email: or call: 088 26 26 300