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Sustainable behavior change healthy diet and lifestyle

During Dutch Food Week, Greenhabit and Stichting Innovatie Glastuinbouw Nederland kicked off the Greenhabit Cardio program. The program will work with heart patients at a Limburg hospital and local health care providers.

The Greenhabit app coaches people playfully so they change their behavior sustainably. This happens in three areas: food, exercise and social meaning. That the app works has already been proven with employees of several companies. In this project, the target group consists of people who have undergone treatment with cardiologists and are rehabilitating at home. For many heart patients, following healthy lifestyle advice is not easy: behavior change proves difficult.

Greenhabit will work with these heart patients to prove that behavior change -healthy diet and lifestyle- with this app is cost-effective. In time, parties such as health insurers may reimburse for the use of the app or enter into a Health Impact Bond (HIB). In such a HIB, a health care entrepreneur invests and the health insurance company or municipality pays for the results achieved. From a horticultural perspective, this is an innovative way to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, with the side benefit of lower healthcare costs. This project is an example of cross-sector collaboration with social impact.

The collaboration came about through Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.

Dewi Hartkamp (SIGN) and Chantal Linders (Greenhabit BV
signed the cooperation agreement on Wednesday.

The results of the first pilot with cardiac patients, in collaboration with Dr. cardiologist Janneke Wittekoek.