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Our prices

Greenhabit, HeartLife edition, Energy edition, Overcome Diabetes, Cardio and COPD/Sarcopenia, we offer all our 12-week programs for the prices below. All our programs are suitable for anyone between 25 and 75 years old with an intrinsic motivation. Inquire about the package prices, you can purchase these cheaply with the licenses' shelf life.

All our 12-week programs


Single license
255 Once/incl. VAT
  • Give yourself more energy. Work towards a good balance and stable weight in 12 weeks.


Duo license
395 Once/incl. VAT
  • Increase your energy together with your buddy. Work towards a good balance and stable weight in 12 weeks.


Duo license
332 One-time / excluding VAT
  • Create a vital organization. Put mental wellbeing first. Prevent stress and burnouts with the 12-week program of your choice with a buddy.


License package
195 From price / excluding VAT
  • Inquire about package prices. From 100+ employees. With unlimited license shelf life.

What do you get?

Everything you need to get started.

Practical information

Duration: 12 weeks
Time commitment: 10 minutes per day (next to the physical assignments)
For whom: Anyone with an intrinsic motivation from a. 18-65
Group size: from 15 employees (due to anonymized dashboard)
Start time: Any desired Monday
Price: 332 per duo license, 195 per duo license with purchase >100 employees