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Choose goals that suit you

Take the time to look at your spider web, read the stories and dare to look at yourself. Based on that, you can choose goals that suit you. This is how you start your Greenhabit journey with a goal that suits you!

Physical health

Exercise more and/or eat healthier

“From home I was not used to being involved with healthy food and exercise. We ate what was on the table and in the evenings we often sat in front of the TV, I didn’t know any better. I also sit all day during my work. Greenhabit has helped me to become aware of my behavior and to create new habits. The small steps make it so easy. I feel energetic and good in my body.”

feeling happy

be meaningful

“Through the Greenhabit journey, I learned more about what I stand for and what I can do with it for others. I now start the day consciously reflecting on the things I am grateful for. It makes me feel meaningful, which still makes me happy every day.”