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What is Greenhabit?

Greenhabit is a vitality training that works on your physical and mental health in small steps (nudging). The method focuses on developing a new habit. Our brain is plastic and can learn very well. Every day attention is paid to 5 elements that ensure that you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. (nutrition-exercise-relaxation-positive thinking-social environment)


It’s nice to do the training together because then you have an extra incentive and you strengthen each other. You can add friends or colleagues to your own adventure, they only see your photos and not your objectives or measurements. Daily you will receive messages from greenhabit   or be challenged to do something.  The   rewards are always a surprise.


We pay a lot of attention to personal growth, such as pro-activity, dealing with work pressure, dealing with situations that bring you out of balance, self-confidence, resilience. With 1 theme each week,  you go through the. personal growth program. In this way you learn to take control of your life and to do the things that are important to you.


The experience of participants has shown that people would like to continue with it. That is why there are two greenhabit follow-up courses, advanced and master. Greenhabit’s courses always last 12 weeks. After the greenhabit training you can also go to the ‘greenhabit for life’ program. This way you stay in touch with other greenhabit users and you can choose which element you want to give extra attention.

The training consists of an App/game and a training package containing the Greenhabit book, a stainless steel water bottle and three physical rewards. You can unpack these when you have completed the level.

After you register for the training, the training package will be sent to your home and you will receive the login details for the App/game. You can download the App/game via the Appstore or Google Play.

There are various Greenhabit training courses. Standard Greenhabit, the HeartLife edition, the Energy Edition, Overwin Diabetes (, Self-management after a heart event.  The training always lasts twelve weeks and reflects on the five elements on a daily basis.