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What is Greenhabit?

Greenhabit is a training in which you work on your physical and mental health in small steps (nudging). The training is for employees, consumers and patients. The method focuses on developing new habits. (average 66 days) Every day attention is paid to 5 elements that ensure that you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. (nutrition-exercise-relaxation-positive thinking-social environment) With the main goals you personalize your training and algorithms help you tailor challenges to your needs.

It is nice to do the training together because then you have extra motivation and you strengthen each other. You can add friends or colleagues to your own adventure, they will only see the photos you chose. Your objectives and measurements are protected. Every day you will receive a treasure chest with messages and challenges from Greenhabit. You will receive points for everything you do. These result in rewards that are included in the Greenhabit package. These are surprises that you get to unpack once you have completed the level. There are 3 physical rewards to be won.

We pay a lot of attention to personal growth, such as pro-activity, dealing with work pressure, dealing with situations that bring you out of balance, self-confidence and resilience. With one theme each week, you go through the personal growth program and reflect on your own situation. In this way you learn to take control of your life and to make choices that are good for you.

The experience of participants has shown that people would like to continue with it. That is why there is a Greenhabit For Life training where you can continue working on healthy choices in a fun way 365 days a year. The program is currently in the testing phase. If you would like more information about this, please send an email to:

Micro targets
Greenhabit helps you set micro goals every week. This way you can work on your main goals in small steps. Small successes give a positive feeling.
Small short lessons about topics that positively influence your health.
Small pushes in the back (nudging) to make the right choices.
The game invites you to do challenges. This ranges from physical to social challenges. There are also team challenges.
In Greenhabit you are rewarded with points and medals. After completing a level, you may unwrap a reward from the pack.

Why Greenhabit?

Social connection
Greenhabit provides social connection. Your buddy (which you choose yourself) provides support in the cracks of the day and you share the challenges and experiences with your colleagues via the App/Game. This way you increase the team spirit.
You develop awareness, you gain insight into situations that affect you emotionally. Realize that something helps you or not. Realizing that certain worries are useless or where your energy sources are.
Emotional Balance
A good work-life balance is created through the integrated approach and the involvement of a buddy from the private environment. It also creates an emotional balance that allows us to be fully present and pay attention to the things that really matter.