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EIT Digital and Greenhabit MedTech

Gamified Treatment Program to overcome Diabetes Type-2

Embark on a healthy journey to rule your health

The Greenhabit Healthcare Intervention is a holistic self-management training. It educates the patient, under supervision of the Healthcare organisation, to change behaviour and to increase resilience and healthy habits. The buddy system which is included in the program together with the social community increases the long term effects of the intervention. In this way the patient is able to be responsible for his own cure and health.

Greenhabit healthcare enables the Healthcare Professionals to treat large groups of patients simultaneously with help of an “Early warning system” against LOW COSTS.

Why Greenhabit?

Healthcare costs are increasing in Europe due to the aging of the population as well as the increasing number of people with chronic diseases. These chronic diseases are mainly caused by the unhealthy lifestyle of the people.

Change is necessary from curative to preventive treatment of chronic diseases to fight the causes, instead of the symptoms.

By changing the medical approach on chronic diseases we can maintain an affordable healthcare expenditure in the future.

Our partners

Clinical Team Diabetes

Greenhabit Healthcare will be deployed for Diabetes Type-2 patients at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. A study will also be carried out here on the effects of the method.

(The Efficacy of the Greenhabit method (mHealth) for Lifestyle Modification in Diabetes)
Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ramon Estruch and Dr. Rosa Casas

Clinical Team Kidney

Greenhabit Healthcare will be deployed for patients who have received a kidney transplant at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. S.J.L Bakker, Dr. Dineke Gruppen and Yvonne van der Veen