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What do we treat?

Mental well-being

Discover in 12 weeks the power of your mindset for a healthy & happy life. You work in small steps, at your own pace, on all areas that positively influence your health. You start by choosing a main goal and then you discover how easy it is to turn your life around with simple changes and achieve lasting results.

“I was reset in very small steps, I can’t call it anything else. Permanently reset. I finally said goodbye to a number of addictions (read cheese, liquorice and chocolate). The need is gone, as are the antacids, the hyperventilation attacks, my back pain, and a big pile of clothes that I no longer fit. So it’s all in my head. It reminded me every time to think/feel and choose activities that have an inner value for me.”

Diabetes Type-2

This program is completely tailored to overcoming Diabetes Type-2. Take a look into Mateo’s life, he manages to overcome Diabetes. In small steps you increase your awareness about healthy food, exercise, mindset, etc. Participants who did this program experienced very positive results.

✔️already lost 3 kilos in the first three weeks
✔️a lot of awareness
✔️I think I am the oldest of the group, 78 but it has already brought me so much
✔️this gives a different flow in my head
✔️a great stick behind the door
✔️I look forward to my treasure chests every day
✔️I don’t have to diet anymore, this is much better
✔️I experience it as a gift

Heart and vascular disease

After a heart attack it is difficult to pick up the thread again. 70% of heart patients do not use cardiac rehabilitation with a high risk of new heart problems. Greenhabit Cardio has been specially developed for people with heart problems. It provides more self-confidence, awareness and support from fellow sufferers in the community.

“My tension is already lower within 3 weeks. I think Greenhabit is fantastic! I feel more energetic and even my nails are more beautiful. Every day curious about what the treasure chests bring me. Reading both books has also given me new insights. “

Youth Mental Wellbeing
In Co-Creation with Youngsters and in collaboration with Fontys and HAS we have developed a Youth program to improve the mental well-being of Youngsters.