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Healthy ageing & prevent chronic diseases.

Don't wait until tomorrow. Start today.

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Greenhabit is the most effective way to permanently change your health. Accessible and tailored to your personal goals and preferences. All programs include challenges and messages in all areas that positively affect your health. Greenhabit applies scientific insights from positive psychology and neuroscience. By using algorithms, underlying causes can be identified and we personalize the challenges in the program.

The power of your mindset.

Our mindset determines our health We become unbalanced by circumstances, such as stress, loneliness or poverty.

From the outside we cannot see how people feel. But underwater are our motives, our identity, our standards and values, but also our thoughts. By letting go of what we resist and focusing on what we long for, life energy, balance, flow is created.

With Greenhabit, people learn to change their mindset so that they make choices that contribute to a happy life.

Chantal Linders
CEO Greenhabit

Schermafbeelding game

Challenge yourself for 84 days

Greenhabit inspires you every day with a treasure chest of messages, challenges and measurements.

Greenhabit supports people with sustainable behavioral change and focuses on personal growth, resilience and the creation of healthy habits. Greenhabit makes working on physical, social and mental health “fun” through gamification, small motivational nudging and rewards. The programs are for employers and consumers.

Give yourself the chance to become mentally and physically strong in twelve weeks. More than 100 organizations and 4,000 people have already preceded you and experience more social connection, enthusiasm and balance. What are you learning? Manage stress, set small goals every day, live meaningfully and take care of yourself. By changing your mindset you develop an emotional balance and a healthy weight.

The proven methodology is based on various scientific studies and behavioral change models. It enables the participant to develop self-direction to better deal with the challenges in life. Through awareness, social attention and self-reflection, a movement is created from within.

“Greenhabit shows that you can work on your physical and mental health in a relaxed way with small achievable steps and personal goals.”

Marjolein Janssen MSc
Fontys Vitaal


Greenhabit is there for everyone


Put mental wellbeing of employees first and prevent absenteeism due to illness.


Do you also need a little push to maintain healthy habits?


Greenhabit also has specific programs for Diabetes T2, Heart and kidney diseases

“I finally said goodbye to a number of addictions (read cheese, liquorice and chocolate).”

Karin Hornstra


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“Truly transformative! My tension is already lower within 3 weeks.”

Erin Klomp

Program Partners

Scientific Research and Development Diabetes Program​

Pilot study on personalized solutions for chronic conditions (COPD/Sarcopenia)

Development cardio program

Pilot study lifestyle intervention for kidney transplant patients

Cooperation partners

Start today.

Don't wait until tomorrow.