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About Greenhabit

All disease start in the gut.


At Greenhabit we strive to develop fun and engaging programs to encourage healthy choices in a fun way and improve quality of life. At Greenhabit we strive to develop fun and engaging programs to encourage healthy choices in a fun way and improve quality of life.

Greenhabit was founded in 2017 by Mark and Chantal Linders who were intrigued by the power of mindset and positive psychology. Since then, the company has grown into a team of energetic game designers, artists and professionals who are passionate about creating healthy habits that are made fun through serious gaming. Greenhabit values cultural diversity and works with eight different nationalities from two different locations.

You always have a choice

When Chantal was hit by an accident at a very young age and had surgery on her back, she discovered the power of the mindset herself. She immediately ended her sports career and discovered other talents. She worked for more than 20 years in the IT world as a consultant and business analyst. From an early age she read many books about positive psychology. Her favorite writer is ‘Wayne Dyer’.

What if everyone discovered this power? What if you could help people discover this power? In 2017 she did research and got an answer to the question: ‘why do we stop with good intentions?’ This answer is the beginning of Greenhabit. As soon as people end up in circumstances in which stress, sadness, loneliness or poverty play a role, we immediately stop making good intentions. The 370,000 lifestyle apps that already existed at that time do not focus on circumstances but on physical health. Certainly effective, but not sustainable.

She sketched an adventure with treasure chests, inspired by the well-known Advent calendar and based this on the minimum time that our brain needs to develop ‘habits’. She immersed herself completely in brain learning and the science of behavioral change.

Her radical idea to develop a positive health journey and integrate smart techniques into it was not received positively everywhere. She stuck to her vision of health. Health comes from within. Our emotional world determines the choices we make. She developed a reflection model to reflect on your physical, mental and social health on a daily basis. She combined this with small assignments, personal development and rewards. These 12 week programs, which she developed together with her husband Mark, stimulate awareness and live from your personal motivations. Together they have combined all their knowledge and experience. Mark has a technical business administration background and worked for years as a director in large companies.


Mark and Chantal Linders are life partners and business partners. Together they have four children, love to travel, live a healthy life (80-20 rule) and love sports. More and more they are aware of ‘back to the essence of yourself, the essence of your existence’ If you do what you really want inside and you believe in it, you will get there.

Mark Linders (CFO)

Chantal Linders (CEO)

Manage the monster in your head

In 2019 Chantal was asked to participate in TedX Venlo. She talks about the monster in your head and how to master this little voice that keeps you from doing things you want.

“How do you deal with challenges in life when that little voice in your head says you can’t do it?.”

Nature, our creative heart.

Many of the interventions within Greenhabit are conceived by Mark and Chantal in nature. They easily walk between 10 and 15 thousand steps in the forest every day. It has a phenomenal impact on their creative minds. “We always come up with new things on the road or while traveling,” says Linders.

Our Greenhabit packages are packed by people with a distance to the labor market. We think it is important that everyone gets a chance. The packages are therefore packed with a lot of love and attention.

We work together with the best game developer in the Netherlands, Grendel Games. We also have many partners with whom we conduct research.

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Grendel Games Logo

Grendel Games, the game developer of Greenhabit, is an international, award-winning serious game developer based in the Netherlands.

They make games with a purpose for healthcare, sustainability and other social issues.